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Animation. Design. Graphics. Technology. Web.


If you are interested in my animation, illustration or graphic design skills, I would be more than happy to speak with you on a one & one basis.  

I have a small portfolio at Behance and a small catalog of logos which I have made public: Logos by DP on Facebook.  I have designed a few freeware fonts that I distribute through font-journal, and if you search my name there (Doug Peters' Freeware Fonts on Font-Journal), you will find all the original fonts that I have created and officially released.  There are examples of the photography I have done at Extended Holiday and Webmastery. I also have a personal portfolio website, Doug Peters.   

I am planning to add some animation and illustration samples of my work here, soon.  

I can be reached through a number of my aforementioned websites/blogs, or by phone:
(605) 251-4016

Below is a list of technology and web design resources for webmasters.  It is a short list, but I think you will find it helpful.


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Standards Compliant Web Design

Web Design And Development Group
The WDaD group is a Google Groups community of web designers and developers, coders and admins, webmasters and site owners, search optimization pros and online marketers, all looking to further their craft using web standards and their best practices.

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Doug Peters
Symbiotic Design
Creative freelance graphic design studio. Well branded, search optimized, user friendly websites are our specialty. Mobile devices and tablets are all supported using responsive design. Mobile apps and game development is also available. Currently offline due to tremendous demand.
2108 S Duluth Ave. Sioux Falls, SD, 57105
(605) 251-8973 - Note: Restricted and irregular numbers are blocked due to the high degree of spam outsource inquiry calls I receive from India, China and Russia (We do NOT outsource), on a daily basis. You can also try (605) 331-0808 (personal #).

Salamander Design takes a 'mobile first' approach to responsive web design and development techniques using new technologies and techniques. This allows a quick production time to accommodate tighter budgets. A small business studio enabling small business to compete online with the big corporations. A website design resource for site owners and webmasters seeking a competitive edge.

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DIY Webmaster Tools

font-journal is a font repository that offers over 12,000 freeware and shareware TrueType (.ttf) PC fonts with a live custom phrase preview option. font-journal tries to avoid the joke demo fonts and only intends to provide serious, good quality fonts for free download. Most fonts are free for personal use. Please check any individual licenses included in each download archive. A freeware TrueType font conversion tool for the Macintosh is also readily available for download at the bottom of every page for font archives which do not already include a Macintosh version.

Hello Font
'Hello Font' offers a wide variety of unique fonts for sale, including the new Vector Fonts that you can't find anywhere else.

Flash Extension
Flash Extension is a resource for extending your website functionality through stand-alone Flash programs that contribute to the look, feel and interactivity of your website or home pages.
HTML Character Code lookup chart. Find the code you need to produce that special character you need for the textual copy on your website.

Glossary Index
Quick and easy dictionary word lookup tool with live word input feedback.

phpinfo() File
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Robots File
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DIY Website Promotion

Meta Tags and SEO
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Web Directories

Hyperlink Directory
Not a link directory, but a web directory of hyperlinked listings showcasing good quality family friendly and kid safe websites.

Search Engine Submission

The well-known online advertising corporation is the online marketing and advertising behemoth. This is mostly due to securing the internet online search as a platform. The issue with this is that if you qualify unsolicited advertising as spam, Google itself is a spam giant. It built its search engine as a platform to advertise. So entrusting Google as a web spam authority seems a conflict in interest. Yet with 75% of all of internet searches going through Google, Google is very much in charge of search. That said, Google is also being a lot nicer about their platform authority than Microsoft was when it was in charge of the computer OS and the majority of tools for the platform and chose to bully businesses on the platform in the late 70's, 80's and 90's. Now, of course, Google has its hands in a massive amount of things, and some of these are great things that give back to the online community. Nevertheless, it is the behemoth that sets the rules for search and does command respect.

Microsoft is extremely serious about making the Windows platform a viable opportunity for search with Bing. And just as with other search engines, Bing search is simply a platform for Bing advertising and marketing. But now Bing has enlisted Yahoo! to serve its search and ads, giving it some serious play.

Active Search Results
Finally, a real search engine with its own ranking system that does not rely on being listed on other directories and search engines to skew results in your favor.


ADGTW Recommended Resources

The domain name is currently on the market and is offered to the public for private sale, available to purchase through escrow. To express interest in this quality premium domain name, please contact the owner through his website.

Animation. Design. Graphics. Technology. Web.

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